What clients say about Floragenex

My collaborators, lab group, and I have found the Floragenex team to be exceptionally responsive and adaptable... They have gone beyond providing good service to serving as excellent collaborators.
— Andrew Hipp, Ph.D. The Morton Arboretum
We greatly appreciated the helpful, pragmatic, and customer-oriented attitude of the Floragenex team and ease of communication by email, phone, and skype.
— Christian Lexer, Ph.D. University of Fribourg
“Floragenex worked with us extensively during the research and discovery process. I liked how their technology team tailored research to the individual investigator’s needs.”
— Dr. Patrick Hayes, Oregon State University
Working with Floragenex has been a blast. Skilled and friendly people providing a truly enabling technology.
— Dr. Kurt Lamour, The University of Tennessee
Floragenex has extensive expertise and experience in producing RAD-Seq libraries and it was more cost effective to work with them rather than developing the technique in-house
— Dr. Anthony Long, UC Irvine