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Here's the not-quite-120-character version of how we help researchers and life scientists advance their research:

The World Leader in RAD-Seq

Since 2007 our genomics team has proudly worked with over 300 scientists in 26 countries across the world. Results from our lab have advanced research efforts in genetics and genomics research and have been published in dozens of peer-reviewed journals. 

About Floragenex

Floragenex has been a leader in genomics and next-generation DNA sequencing. From the early days when generating a million sequence reads was considered impossible to the 200M read runs of today, we have been helping scientists by providing expert guidance and support in genomics research...

Genomics Services



Identify genetic information in any organism 


Genotype your samples with next generation DNA sequencing 


Cutting edge bioinformatics using cloud-based computing


Our Laboratory

Floragenex's laboratory is located in Portland, Oregon, in the heart of pacific northwest of the United States. Our state of the art BSL2 compliant space is housed within the OTRADI Bioscience Incubator (OBI), just off the banks of the Willamette River. Floragenex relocated into this lab in October 2013 and is planning an expansion into a larger laboratory space within OBI in May 2015. 

Interesting Facts:


We've worked with over 300 scientists in 24 countries across the world.


Our team has sequenced over 100 unique plant, animal and metazoan species.


In 2014 we generated over 0.8 trillion (800 billion) basepairs of genomic sequence!


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