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Technology Platforms


RAD-Seq and SBG / dd-RAD-Seq

Identify thousands to tens of thousands of genetic variants in a single NGS study using restriction enzymes in combination with NGS


Ion AmpliSeq™

For targeted sequencing and genotyping of hundreds of genetic variants with Ion Torrent™ sequencing platforms


What clients say about Floragenex

My collaborators, lab group, and I have found the Floragenex team to be exceptionally responsive and adaptable... They have gone beyond providing good service to serving as excellent collaborators.
— Andrew Hipp, Ph.D. The Morton Arboretum
We greatly appreciated the helpful, pragmatic, and customer-oriented attitude of the Floragenex team and ease of communication by email, phone, and skype.
— Christian Lexer, Ph.D. University of Fribourg
“Floragenex worked with us extensively during the research and discovery process. I liked how their technology team tailored research to the individual investigator’s needs.”
— Dr. Patrick Hayes, Oregon State University
Working with Floragenex has been a blast. Skilled and friendly people providing a truly enabling technology.
— Dr. Kurt Lamour, The University of Tennessee
Floragenex has extensive expertise and experience in producing RAD-Seq libraries and it was more cost effective to work with them rather than developing the technique in-house
— Dr. Anthony Long, UC Irvine

Floragenex is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sedia Biosciences Corporation. Sedia ( is a U.S.-based healthcare company focused on the development and commercialization of novel in vitro diagnostic and epidemiological tests including the Sedia™ LAg-Avidity EIA and BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA. The company is dedicated to advancing access to medical care by developing innovative diagnostic and monitoring products that enable more cost effective and expanded testing for infectious diseases and other conditions. Based in Portland, Oregon, Sedia develops, manufactures, licenses and sells in vitro diagnostic and epidemiological tests as well as specimen collection devices.


Since the start of the genomics revolution in 2007, the Floragenex team has provided support for hundreds of scientists engaged in genomics research. We are proud to consider these organizations as trusted partners and collaborators.


Experienced genomics support


Over 100 Species Sequenced

Our team has experience across life sciences research, with a wide range of species sequenced and hundreds of projects completed.

Since 2007

Floragenex has generated genomics data and results for dozens of peer reviewed publications.


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