Asanté Sample Collection and DNA Purification

integrated solutions for sample handling and DNA extraction 

Sample DNA quality can make the difference in next-gen sequencing efforts. Use the Asanté™ DNA Specimen Collection and paired DNA Purification Kits to safeguard your samples for future NGS projects.


Asanté™ DNA Specimen Collection Kit

Asante Specimen Collection Kit

The Asanté™ DNA Specimen Collection Kit is intended for the collection, preservation and transport of a specimen for subsequent DNA extraction and isolation. The kit can be used for collecting and storing biological specimens from liquid cultures, cultured cell lines along with plant and animal tissues. 



Asanté™ DNA Specimen Collection Kit Features

  • Sturdy design ideal for sample collection in the field
  • Snap tight lid ensures no sample loss
  • Preservation liquid keeps your samples safe and secure across broad temperature range
  • Standardized size for use with common lab and benchtop equipment

Asanté™ DNA Purification Kit

Asante DNA Purification Kit

The Asanté™ DNA Purification Kit is a complementary tool for the extraction and purification of DNA from samples stored in the Asanté™ DNA Specimen Collection Kit. 

DNA from samples collected and purified using the Asanté™ DNA Specimen Collection and DNA Purification Kits are suitable for testing by most in vitro DNA amplification methods including polymerase chain reaction (PCR),  loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP), next gen DNA sequencing (NGS) and others. 


Asanté is a registered trademark of Sedia Biosciences. The Asanté™ DNA Purification Kit is intended For Research Use Only.   Not for Use In Diagnostic Procedures.